Fun and Games This Easter With an Easter Egg Hunt!

Step number one is to theme the surroundings where you plan to hold the activity. So get in some Easter decorations such as bunting, helium balloons, streamers and baskets which should feature rabbits and eggs. Then decorate your house, garden or any other area the egg hunt will feature to create a delightful atmosphere.

Once you’ve decorated we can move on to the next step which involves the eggs! You need to have a variety of multi coloured plastic eggs which can be filled with treats such as sweets, toys, stickers and small amounts money. Make sure that in one of the eggs (which you will later hide very well) write a note with the words “Egg Hunt Winner – Congratulations”. Once your eggs are ready you need to hide them. It’s best to hide them in a range of ways – some made easier to find for the younger children and some made harder to find for the older children. Don’t forget that the egg with the winners not in it should be made the hardest to find! At this point you may choose to do an egg hunt map – perhaps if your area is large or for smaller areas simply produce a list of clues.

Now the next step is totally optional, so you can choose if you want this or not. To collect the eggs you’re going to need some bags to give out. You can buy them in already made and themed or alternatively add an extra activity in for the kids and get them to decorate their own. On a large table place some plain paper bags, coloured pens or pencils and some Easter themed stickers. When the party goers arrive get them do decorate their own bags for the hunt. Once everyone has decorated and personalised their bag, the hunt can begin! Set the children off!

When you know all the eggs have been found – gather the children into one area. Ask everyone to look inside their eggs for the winner’s ticket and once identified, award them with the main Easter prize (this could be a huge Easter egg, large chocolate bunny or something with a symbolic religious Easter meaning).

Now that the hunt is over, why not serve refreshments afterwards? You could create an Easter soft drink cocktail, some finger food such as sandwiches and even some Easter cakes or cookies. We hope that’s given you some great ideas for Easter games and activities to make your party full of fun and excitement!